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"Where Karate is taught as an art..."

The Minami Difference:

► Traditional Karate-Do
► We produce highly skilled Karateka
► Sanctioned by the Kuniba Kai International
► Our Kuniba Kai affiliation means that all ranks are earned
       Non-affiliated dojos cannot make this claim
► Our students hold remarkable tournament track records

► Karate and Kobudo (Okinawa weapons)
► Personal attention and patience
► Our tuition is affordable
► Family oriented training
► Several convenient locations throughout Collier County
► Absolutely NO CONTRACTS

Karate Practice

Through martial arts training at Minami Dojo you can expect:
Highly effective self-defense strategies in addition with many Japanese traditions, phrases, and terms which adds a deeper level to one's training.


We are a family that have developed lifelong and new friendships.
Come into any one of our locations for your FREE TRIAL CLASS!



Shihan Lynn Kureth


Master Instructor

  • Born: Southern Pines, North Carolina

  • Karate Rank: Rokudan (6th degree black belt)

  • Kobudo Rank: Godan (5th degree black belt)

  • Title: Shihan

  • Instructor since: 1989

  • Shito-ryu Karateka since: 1980

  • Ryu Kyu Kobudo, Tessikan member, 2004

  • Shuri-Te BuJitsu Kai member, 2012


Sensei Jose Arias


Owner of Minami Dojo & Instructor at Umi No-Ryu Dojo

  • Born: Miami, Florida

  • Karate Rank: Yondan (4th degree black belt)

  • Kobudo Rank: Nidan (2nd degree black belt)

  • Title: Sensei

  • Instructor since: 2011

  • Shito-Ryu Karateka since: 2002


Sensei Carlos Morales


Instructor at 

Suzaku Dojo

  • Born: New Jersey

  • Karate Rank: Yondan (4th degree black belt)

  • Kobudo Rank: Shodan (1st degree black belt)

  • Title: Sensei

  • Instructor since: 2017

  • Shito-Ryu Karateka Since: 2004

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