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Stephanie Lainez

My time spent training in karatedo with Shihan Lynn Kureth and Minami Dojo has been very well spent. I began my training at the age of nine (9) at the Vineyards Park in Naples. I then continued to train with him even when he changed locations because I found his unique teaching style to be impeccable. He connected with each student and made them feel welcome and a part of a family. With the years I spent there, I have gained self discipline, physical strength, mental/emotional strength, and a place among many who I am lucky enough to call friends. Another benefit of training with Shihan Lynn Kureth is that even though I am a female, I was not treated any different from the male students. I learned just as much as they did, trained just as hard, and was held to the same high standards, which in turn allowed me to become a well rounded martial artist and reach the rank of Shodan in the seven years I trained there. All in all, I loved my time with Minami Dojo and would encourage any aspiring or interested martial artist to train with Shihan Lynn Kureth and Minami Dojo. Not only will you learn the exciting art of Karate-Do, but you will also gain great knowledge and wisdom for the life ahead of you.

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